EUROSAF: more than 1500 patients recruited & 5 new participating centers

The EUROSAF Study raised the interest of new centers. The Istanbul University, Geriatric Unit (TK), the Evangeliske Geriatrie Zentrum in Berlin (DE), the Centre Ospedalier Princess Grace in Monaco (FR), the Carol Davila University in Bucharest (RO), the University of Bari, Dipartimento Interdisciplinare di Medicina (IT) and the Centre of geriatric medicine in Gaia de Espinho (PT) joined the Study from the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019. Actually the geographical coverage of the EUROSAF Study includes 15 countries, with 28 centers involved in the research activity. The interest of new centers in Europe, as well as outside the continent, is coupled with a positive trend in recruitment: in June 2019 the EUROSAF team celebrated the patient n° 1500, confirming a constant increasing in the recruitment’s action (average of around 100 new patients recruited each month). If this trend goes on for all the recruitment period, the researchers will be able to reach the expected goals and to base the research on a very solid amount of data. In fact, if the results presented in Berlin on a sample of 996 patients have been very promising (EUROSAF researchers revealed that the Multidimensional Prognostic Index – MPI seems to be very useful to really evaluate the cost-effectiveness of oral anticoagulant treatments in a real-world population of very old and frail subjects with AF), the future analysis of data, to be presented during the Symposium in Krakow in September 2019, will be crucial to confirm or to disprove these results.