EUROSAF: ready for the upcoming dedicated symposium in Krakow

While the recruitment is proceeding fast, the EUROSAF team is ready for the 3rd Symposium in the framework of the 15th EUGMS Congress, scheduled for the 25-27 September 2019 in Krakow, Poland. Titled “Comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA) in clinical practice”, the symposium includes the presentation of Prof. Alberto Pilotto (E.O. Galliera) focused on “Anticoagulants in older frail patients with atrial fibrillation: update of the EUROSAF Study”, together with a presentation about “Learning and teaching CGA” by Dr. Maria Cristina Polidori (Koln, Germany) and with a presentation focused on “CGA and appropriate drug prescription in older people by Dr. Arduino Mangoni (Australia). This symposium is a great occasion to present the very interesting data collected during the EUROSAF multi-centric international study and to understand if, with an higher number of patients recruited with respect to the previous symposium held in Berlin in 2018, the very promising preliminary results obtained 1 year ago are confirmed.