The EUROSAF Study approved!

After the signature of the agreement between the coordinating center (EO Galliera, Genova, IT) and the funder (Bayer Pharma AG), the no profit observational study EUROSAF is ready to start. A very important list of European centers (Hospitals, Universities, Etc…) dealing with geriatrics, under the auspices of EUGMS, are ready to evaluate the clinical benefit/risk ratio of the anticoagulant treatments in a population of hospitalized older subjects with Atrial Fibrillation. In fact, nowadays a direct guidance for the management of older frail adults with AF is still lacking; some authors have recently suggested a multidimensional approach to help clinicians in the clinical decision making process about anticoagulant treatment in this population. Besides traditional thromboembolic and bleeding assessment, an anticoagulation-focused frailty assessment (including life expectancy with MPI) is suggested in order to tailor the best treatment for each patient. This is the goal to be reached by the EUROSAF Study, that will involve around 3000 patients all over Europe for the next 3 years.